Trainee Spotlight | Vandana Singh: Detecting DNA Damage from Chemical Exposures in Mutant Cells using the CometChip Assay (copy)

Trainee Spotlight | Aimee Moise: Impact of Probiotics on NDMA-induced Mutations and Injury-induced Inflammation

Center Highlights | New MIT SRP Website Launch

Trainee Spotlight | Nicolette Bugher: Improved Trace Nitrosamine Analysis

Center Highlights | NDMA and Other N-Nitrosamines Impact on Diseases

Trainee Spotlight | Barathkumar Baskaran: Electrochemical Filtration of NDMA

Spotlight for Former MIT SRP Program Trainee | Dr. Jennifer Kay

Awards and Honors

Bringing the environment to the forefront of engineering

MIT SRP in the News | Ariel Furst: NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

Environmental Justice Experiential Learning Opportunity Program – Summer 2023

MIT SRP Retreat – 2023

Working with Stakeholders | Community Engagement: Wilmington, MA STEM Fair

MIT SRP in the News | Nicolette Bugher: The toxic chemicals all around us

Coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health

MIT Climate “Plug-In” highlights first year of progress on MIT’s climate plan

Trainee Spotlight | Dr. Jennifer Kay

Spotlight | Dr. Kathy Vandiver

Epidemiological Study links NDMA to Cancer

MIT SRP Labs Collaborate on Study of NDMA Susceptibility

Trainee Spotlight | Jessica Beard

High Throughput Toxicity Assay

Outreach Publication in Scientia

Study Links Childhood Cancer to NDMA Exposure

Leventhal City Prize for Equitable Resilience

HepaCometChip Enables SRP Research and Chemical Safety Testing

Trainee Spotlight | Dr. Amanda Armijo

Adaptation of an Animal Mutation Model to Cell Culture Enables Rapid In Vitro Mutagenicity Testing

MIT / Passamaquoddy Tribe Engagement

The Data Management and Analysis Core Takes Off at MIT

Brown University SRP Director Prof. Robert Hurt Presented at Friday Forum Seminar Series

Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor Detects Nitrosamines in Air

NextGen Protocols

MIT SRP in the News

Visit to Loring AFB Superfund Site

Trainee Highlights

Trainee Spotlight: Irene Hu

Trainee Spotlight | Hélène Angot

Edgerton Award Citation for Desiree Plata

Chemistry Cleanup: Desirée Plata Devises New Methods for Decontaminating Air, Water

Leona D. Samson, The Pioneer

Celebrating John Essigmann, Winner of the 2021 ACS Founder’s Award in Chemical Toxicology

Manuscript from the Engelward Lab Demonstrates that the Level of a Key DNA Repair Enzyme acts as a Toggle Between NDMA-Induced Cancer and Toxicity

Timothy Manning Swager, the Inventor

Tackling chemically contaminated sites in the United States

MIT SRP Leaders Share Superfund Advances with Congressional Staff

NIEHS Superfund Research Program Pioneers FAIR Play in Research

Malden Works receives Norman B. Leventhal Prize to improve access to the Malden River

All About NDMA

Public Interest in Environmental Issues from Massachusetts to Missouri

Transport and Transformation of Chemicals in the Atmosphere

DNA Repair and Cancer

Introduction to Mutations and Cancer

Introduction to MIT’s Superfund Research Program