IMG 4793.DARK jpg Loring site map 4032 x 1502ls project 13 slide 1slider sample collection 463 x 288The MIT Superfund Research Program is committed to engaging with communities in conducting research that will guide remediation strategies to protect people from hazardous chemicals.Responding to Public Health ChallengesLearn More
slide 2 screen view of olin containment area 4032 x 1502ls project 13 slide 2The MIT Superfund Research Program is responsive to people living near the Olin Chemical Superfund Site in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Residents are concerned about high levels of N-nitrosamines in their environment.Impacted CommunitiesLearn Morewilmington tour
05 background innovative researchls project 13 slide 5slide 5 small innovative researchThe MIT Superfund Research Program brings engineering and scientific innovation to bear on critical problems stemming from pervasive contaminants in our environment.Innovative ResearchLearn More
6c novel approachesls project 13 slide 66a novel approachesThe MIT Superfund Research Program is developing novel sensors and analytical tools to learn about the distribution of pollutants in the environment.Novel Approaches and ToolsLearn More
slide 7 screen Kidney Image banner 2530 x 943ls project 13 slide 77 revealing susceptibleThe MIT Superfund Research Program team studies cellular and physiological responses, such as cell signaling, mutations, and disease, with the goal of revealing what makes some people more susceptible to cancer than others.Revealing Susceptibility through ScienceLearn More
New Washington DCls project 13 slide 88 making a difference groupThe activities of the MIT Superfund Research Program are aimed at reducing risk, guiding remediation, and supporting policy-making.Making a DifferenceLearn More