Over the years, the work of the MIT Superfund Research Program (SRP) produced many important research studies and technology development. None of the projects could be achieved if the information and activities were limited to separate programs and efforts. As we move forward, we will continue to work in tandem with our internal and external stakeholders, such that our efforts reflect a holistic and an integrated approach to protect public health from hazardous chemicals.

Working with community members, our collective efforts have demonstrated environmental and public health successes, such as with our projects in Malden, Massachusetts. The MIT SRP works with people who live in Wilmington, MA who are highly concerned about very high levels of NDMA in their environment. The MIT SRP also works with Tribes in Maine in response to concerns about the quality of drinking water. In conjunction with these community partners, we collaborate as a team on solutions for drinking water issues, on educational activities, and in relationship building – all of which benefit the MIT SRP members and our stakeholders.