MIT superfund Trainee researcher with a water sample

Research Experience and Training Coordination Core

Prof. John M. Essigmann, Leader
Department of Biological Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Prof. Ariel L. Furst, Co-Leader
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Noelle E. Selin, Co-Leader
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Dr. Christa Y. Wright, Team Member
Chemical Insights Research Institute of Underwriters Laboratories
Research Experience and Training Coordination Core

The RETCC contributes to the Systems Approach model of the MIT SRP by providing a rich and exciting environment for trainees to foster their personal and professional interest beyond MIT. The RETCC plans to develop the MIT Exploration-Program to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration between researchers with similar or different interests. The RETCC supports trainees in their efforts to develop and patent technology from their research with real-world applicability. With the assistance and encouragement of the RETCC, trainees are becoming proficient in multiple skillsets to address complex community problems. A key part of preparation for career advancement is for trainees to attend national meetings and conferences so that they may remain adept on key advances in their field, be positioned for critical networking opportunities, and continue to ignite and propel innovative research.