Prof. Bevin P. Engelward, Leader
Department of Biological Engineering
Prof. Desiree L. Plata, Co-Leader
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. John M. Essigmann, Co-Leader
Department of Biological Engineering
Amanda Tat, Team Member
Administrative Core

To meet the MIT Superfund Research Program (SRP) mission of protecting people from exposure to hazardous chemicals, the Administrative Core plays a central role in facilitating the interactions and interdependencies of the Project and Cores to advance research and knowledge. In essence, this role enables a System Approach, which is an integrated and cross-disciplinary effort to achieve greater gains and public health impact. The Administration Core also maximizes the Projects’ discoveries and innovations by promoting the sharing of new science, technologies, and expertise with internal and external stakeholders, such as other MIT departments as well as local, national, tribal, and global constituents.

There are three Administrative Core objectives in facilitating public health protection and improvements: (1) lead and coordinate, (2) partner and promote, and (3) achieve broader impact. This Core enables an “MIT SRP interactome,” guiding and linking together Projects, Cores, and stakeholders to bring forth results and innovations that yield tangible contributions in protecting human health from hazardous substances. Moreover, building and cultivating partnerships promotes capacity building through technology and knowledge transfer to state, national, and tribal organizations. Ultimately, the sharing and dissemination of know-how can lead to new research, collaboration opportunities, and technological advancements, thereby, attaining broader environmental and public health equity.