This webinar is presented by

  • Kathleen Vandiver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology SRP Center
  • Susan Pinney, University of Cincinnati
  • Marilyn Howarth, University of Pennsylvania

This webinar was designed to assist facilitators and others interested in leading workshops. It provides for a 30-minute familiarization preview, which includes a review of the navigation tools, as well as examples of the different kinds of activities available. These include the following:

  1. The short histories of three Superfund sites,
  2. follow-up questions for discussion,
  3. an articulate storyline scenario for making choices, simulating a family‘s experiences with a contaminate in their water supply, and
  4. a collection of interviews with community members from the three sites.

Importantly, the Lessons Learned resource includes advice for both government agencies and for companies who are responsible parties. Overall, the insights from this webinar will equip the listeners with the ability to use and disseminate the information to their respective communities. We recommend this webinar as a convenient tool for preparing instructors to lead class discussions and to share this resource with community members.

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