20221026 coordinating climate and air

Coordinating climate and air-quality policies to improve public health

Noelle Selin is the study-supervising coauthor of a tool that could be used to evaluate a diverse plethora of air-quality and climate scenarios to inform policy-making.
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MIT facade

MIT Climate “Plug-In” highlights first year of progress on MIT’s climate plan

Noelle Selin, co-chair of MIT’s climate nucleus, moderated the third panel of the “Plug-In” highlighting the first year of progress on MIT’s climate plan. She encourages campus members to give their input on current and future climate plans.
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Kathy Vandiver

Spotlight | Dr. Kathy Vandiver

Dr. Kathy Vandiver (Center for Environmental Health Sciences), Professor Harry Hemond (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and their team had their work on testing water quality for the Passamaquoddy Tribe featured by the NIEHS! This was a participatory project that looked at drinking water quality in rural Maine, which included a focus on the environmental health literacy topic of water quality standards. This was a huge endeavor for which Abigail Harvey and Tchelet Segev, two MIT master’s students, did much of the work. The work was published in Environmental Research.

More of Dr. Kathy Vandiver’s work has been featured by the MIT News! Dr. Vandiver, MIT’s Director of the Community Outreach Education and Engagement Core at CEHS, has been the leader of a project to recover a brownfield and turn it into a park. Greenspaces are known to have a positive impact on wellbeing and health. As such, this is a great example of how outreach efforts can have a substantial impact on public health.

Bevin Engelward director

Tackling chemically contaminated sites in the United States

Jennifer Kay and Bevin Engelward walk us through how the National Institutes of Health teams up with universities to tackle some of the most chemically contaminated sites in the United States.
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20191017 Malden Works

Malden Works receives Norman B. Leventhal Prize to improve access to the Malden River

Kathleen Vandiver, a member of the Malden Works Steering Committee, participated in winning a grant that will allow Malden to gain long-term national and international attention and business.
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