CEHS Poster Winners

Inaugural MIT Superfund Research Program Poster Session

Inaugural MIT Superfund Research Program Poster Session

Inaugural MIT Superfund Research Program Poster Session

By Bevin P. Engelward
MIT SRP Program Director
Jul 08, 2021

The MIT Superfund Research Program teamed up with the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS) to offer their first joint poster session on April 10th. Nine SRP trainees showcased their research. For the SRP awards, James Rowe won first place, Maggie He and Lennon Luo shared second place, and Ishwar Kohale won third place. The first place winner was given the opportunity to attend either the National or the Northeast Annual Superfund Meeting. For the CEHS awards, Superfund trainee Dr. Hélène Angot won first place in the postdoctoral category for her poster, “Toxic Pollutants: from Worldwide Atmospheric Emissions to Impacts on Maine Tribal Areas.”

Superfund trainees’ posters and coauthors are listed below (trainees’ names are underlined).

Hélène Angot, Noelle E. Selin, Peter Ivatt, Nicholas Hoffman, Amanda Giang, Mat Evans. “Toxic Pollutants: From Worldwide Atmospheric Emissions To Impacts On Maine Tribal Areas.”

Jessica C. Beard, Timothy M. Swager. “Fluorescence-Based Detection of NDMA and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.”

Christy Chao, Stephen Slocum, Harold Hemond, John M. Essigmann, Bevin P. Engelward. “Genotoxicity Testing For Airborne Environmental Contaminants.”

Maggie HeShao-Xiong Luo, Timothy M. Swager. “Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes Sensors For Detecting Harmful Chemicals.”

Jennifer Kay, Joshua Corrigan, Bevin P. Engelward. “Evaluating Genetic Susceptibility To Cancer Following Exposures to Superfund Contaminants.”

Ishwar Kohale, Forest White. “Characterizing Signaling Dynamics in Response to Environmental Pollutants.”

James C. Rowe
, Chris Lim, Martin Breitenlechner, Alexander Zaytsev, Jesse Kroll. “Characterization of Heterogeneous Oxidation Products of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Online Mass Spectrometry.”Le Ngo, John Winters, Carol Swartz, Yang Su, Jing Ge, Aoli Xiong, Jongyoon Han, Leslie Recio, Leona Samson, Bevin P. Engelward. “High-Throughput Platform For Detection of DNA Adducts Induced By Metabolic Activation of Xenobiotics.”