Translational Consultants

The MIT SRP has a team of Translational Consultants who can help with navigating the process of translating basic research from results at the bench to results that impact human health.

Translational Consultants provide advice for a furthering translation of a project at any stage, as well as providing connections to researchers in our community who may be interested in helping or collaborating. Catherine Ricciardi is the lead person for human subjects and can either assist directly or provide referrals.

Translational Consultants can help with every stage of your project:

Study Design
Regulatory Assistance
Identification of Potential Collaborators
Operationalizing your Protocol
Assessment of Environmental Health Impact

Translational Consultants:

Catherine Ricciardi, DNP, ANP-BC:  Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and Faculty member at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Jacquin NilesMD, PhD: HHMI-Gates Faculty Scholar and Associate Professor of Biological Engineering. He has expertise in infectious disease, host-pathogen interactions, and drug target identification and screening.

Peter DedonMD, PhD: Dr. Peter Dedon is the Underwood Prescott Professor of Biological Engineering and the Lead PI of the Antimicrobial Resistance IRG in the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. He has expertise in pharmacology, toxicology, infectious disease, carcinogenesis and inflammation.

Ravi ThadhaniMD, MPH: Expertise in translational science and clinical trials.

James FoxDVM: Dr. James Fox is the Director of the Division of Comparative Medicine at MIT with particular expertise in inflammation. Prof. Fox is in Biological Engineering Department. His studies focus on a specific theme, namely that microbes within the body and in the external environment have complex interactions that strongly affect human health and disease.

Susan ErdmanDVM: Dr. Susan Erdman is a Principal Research Scientist and Assistant Director in the Division of Comparative Medicine at MIT. She is Board Certified in Comparative Medicine (ACLAM), and studies how bacteria and inflammation contribute to systemic health and diseases.