Trainee Spotlight: Jessica Beard

By Bevin P. Engelward

Director, MIT Superfund Research Program

Congratulations to SRP trainee, Jessica Beard, and faculty member, Timothy Swager, for their publication in the Journal of Organic Chemistry! This is a pivotal paper for the MIT Superfund Research Program, both because it is tour de force in terms of the chemistry that is described, and also because it helps to inform cleanup. Importantly, it was written in response to members of the Wilmington Community who wanted to understand better whether or not N-nitrosamines are continuing to be formed at the Olin Chemical Superfund Site (located in Wilmington, MA). Being responsive to the community is key to the mission of the MIT SRP.

Jessica was also interviewed for a podcast by the Boston Museum of Science. Jessica shares her thoughts about her favorite molecule, her career aspirations, and her appreciation of the MIT Superfund Research Program. You can listen to the podcast on the museum’s website here.