Outreach Publication in Scientia

By Bevin P. Engelward

Director, MIT Superfund Research Program

Program Director Prof. Bevin Engelward and RTC leader Dr. Jenny Kay collaborated with editors of the science outreach journal Scientia to produce an article about the MIT SRP and its biological research projects. The article describes the NIEHS Superfund Research Program and MIT SRP’s chemicals of interest, N-nitrosamines, probable human carcinogens that contaminate the groundwater of Wilmington, MA. Drs. Engelward and Kay provided an overview of NDMA-induced DNA damage and repair and the team’s approach to evaluating how varied DNA repair activity may impact susceptibility to adverse health outcomes following exposure. They also described several technologies developed in the Engelward laboratory for detecting DNA damage, toxicity, and mutations. This publication enabled dissemination of advancements at the MIT SRP to a broad audience.