NextGen Protocols

By Bevin P. Engelward

MIT Superfund Program Director

The MIT SRP Research Translation Core is pleased to share NextGen Protocols. Detailed experimental protocols used in SRP research are being shared so that the exact methods of each experiment can be linked to data sets produced by those experiments. The MIT SRP invites trainees from all SRP centers to use the website. The protocols on NextGen Protocols are intended to be fully descriptive of the experimental process to make it easier to reproduce results. This platform allows the researcher to explain every step they take with no limit on length. A key advantage to posting a NextGen Protocol is that video clips can be shared. Seeing how tricky steps are done is a great way to share methods. By facilitating reproducibility and allowing researchers to link their data to the protocol that produced it, NextGen Protocols aims to clarify and streamline the process of sharing complete methods widely.