Data Management and Analysis Core

The mission of the MIT Superfund Research Program is to create technologies to sense N-nitrosamines in the environment, to engineer systems to destroy them, and to predict and prevent disease.

Key goals of the Biomedical Research (BMR) Projects include revealing the genotoxic and biological consequences of N-nitrosamines via studies of genetically engineered mice and cells. Key goals of the Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) Projects include sensing, identifying, mapping and quantifying N-nitrosamines in the environment.

The DMAC will serve as the ‘master integrator’ for the entire MIT SRP by developing novel computational tools to merge data streams stemming from ESE projects (what, where, and how much) with data streams from BMR projects (multi-omics biological impacts) to achieve unprecedented understanding of risk. The DMAC also fosters collaborations among Projects and Cores, and ensures that data are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). The MIT SRP has a comprehensive Data Management Plan to accelerate successes in these vital activities. The DMAC also benefits from the greater MIT environment, which provides tremendous institutional support in the form of expertise and MIT infrastructure that support the DMAC.